Commercial and Residential Gates and Entries

Natural Enclosures Fence Company provides the best in commercial and residential entry gates and systems in the metro Atlanta area. Our entry gates not only offer an impressive look, they provide security for any property.

Secure Entry Gate Installation

We offer entry gate systems that can be installed in several sizes and security levels to accommodate any type of entry needed such as those on foot, or vehicle access. Our entry systems can include various levels of security consisting of basic gates, to more advanced models with electric gate entry.

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Natural Enclosures Entry Gate Styles

Driveway Gate Dec. for Estate

Residential Estate Gates – Estate gates are among the most popular residential entry gate system. These gates protect the privacy of the residence and can include electric operators, keypad entry or a call box to manually allow access to the property from inside the home.

Commercial Entry Gates – Investing in commercial entry gates is a great way to protect your business. These gates have various options for minimal to maximum security. You can choose to add automatic electric operators to control traffic flow, keypads that require custom PIN to allow access, as well as security cameras or call boxes to manually allow access to the premises.

Driveway Gates – These residential low-security gates are popular among many homeowners. A driveway gate allows you full privacy of your property and can include features like electric operators, call boxes or keypads.

At Natural Enclosures we provide various customizations for your residential or commercial entry gate. Whether you need a low key security option, or you require a maximum security entry system we can help.

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